Harrow International Schools base their curricula on the National Curriculum for England. In Early Years this means the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum while in Pre-Prep and Prep it is Key Stages 1-3 of the National Curriculum. However, in both cases they also draw on aspects of the more thematic and inquiry-based learning approaches of international curricula for Middle Years and Primary Years. In the Senior School the curriculum is orientated towards IGCSEs and in the Sixth Form, A-levels.

Gold Standard Curriculum
The British curriculum has long been considered the gold standard of education worldwide. The features which make it such are its focus on the basic building blocks of learning, particularly literacy and numeracy; its coherence from Years 1-13; the consistency and accountability which comes with its status as a national curriculum; and the currency its qualifications give for entry to the most prestigious universities in Britain, the USA and the world.

An Integrated Learning Experience
For Harrow International Schools there is a strong element of individuality in the delivery of its holistic curriculum. The vision statement, Leadership for a better world, is given expression in the academic curriculum as well as in the Leadership in Action co-curricular programme. Teachers seek to draw out and foster relevant exposure to the Leadership Attributes, which provide a unity of purpose within the whole curriculum throughout the school.