Valuing the Foundation and conscious of the history, culture and the charitable intentions of the founder of Harrow School in London, Harrow International Schools prepare boys and girls with diverse backgrounds and abilities for a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfilment in a similar way.

This is achieved by:

  • Encouraging scholarship, intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits through a coherent and balanced curriculum which is inspiring and challenging.
  • Maximising boys' and girls' grade potential in public examinations, across a range of abilities, thereby increasing their academic and career opportunities.
  • Giving authoritative university guidance and preparation that secures boys’ and girls’ entry to the best universities in the UK, the USA and other countries.
  • Providing pastoral care that goes well beyond basic welfare, values each boy and girl equally and focuses on developing and maturing the individual.
  • Ensuring that boarding is well managed by professional pastoral teams, and is meaningful and fun.
  • Presenting every boy and girl with the opportunity to experience a wide range of high level extra-curricular activities and through them to discover latent talent, express creativity and develop skills in leadership and teamwork.
  • Providing a well-qualified and strongly committed staff: teachers who have high expectations of students, are enthusiastic about their subject and enable boys and girls to enjoy their education; support staff who facilitate excellence across the schools’ many areas of excellence.
  • Providing regular opportunities for corporate gathering and the celebration of individual and collective success, particularly in assemblies and Houses.
  • Developing boys’ and girls’ self-discipline, responsibility, spiritual values and morality, leading to high standards of behaviour, consideration for others and pride in themselves and their school.
  • Through partnership in local communities, charitable work and philanthropic activity, enabling boys and girls to become outward-looking and compassionate, and develop the desire to be a good influence beyond the school.