Welcome to the website of Harrow International Management Services (HIMS), a world class international education organisation that manages Harrow International Schools outside the United Kingdom.

HIMS, in partnership with Harrow School in the United Kingdom, has brought the very best of British education and tradition to Asia through the network of Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong. A new school will open in Shanghai in 2016.

Underpinning and driving our distinctive academic programme and all of our endeavours is our vision, Leadership for a better world. Fundamentally, we believe that leaders are not only born, but they can also be developed and our aim is to nurture future leaders who possess the ability and desire to make a difference in the communities they ultimately join.

Hence, our educational programmes, which are purposely built on three distinctive cornerstones – high academic attainment, rich extra-curricular programmes and high-quality pastoral care through Houses – place equal emphasis on academic excellence and the training and development of leadership qualities both inside and outside the classroom.

We also believe that the success of delivering a distinctive and high quality educational experience lies in our commitment to providing quality teaching supported by a first-class range of educational facilities in our custom-built schools. Through these facilities, learning experiences are significantly enriched and enhanced. In parallel, our Leadership in Action programme of extra-curricular activities provides ample opportunities for character building and leadership development, whilst our House system provides high quality pastoral care to day and boarding students alike, making all students feel happy, valued and secure at Harrow International Schools. This provides a unique environment for students to learn about teamwork, empathy, respect for others, and finally about themselves.

In an increasingly globalised and competitive world, future generations will require not only knowledge and leadership, but also an international outlook and awareness of future opportunities. As such, we are seeing an ever growing demand for high quality international education worldwide. HIMS is constantly looking at new school opportunities around the world and is committed to bringing our unique education experience beyond the existing network of Harrow International Schools. 

At HIMS, we are very proud of the achievements of the Harrow International Schools and their students in the attainment of outstanding results in public examinations and in gaining entry into top universities worldwide. We are particularly pleased to see the students use their knowledge and leadership skills passionately to benefit others. This can only be achieved by the commitment and collective efforts of students and teachers and is clear evidence of the fruits of our dedication to top quality teaching and school management. Looking ahead, we will continue to strive to improve our teaching methods and learning systems and facilities. Not only will we be staying in step with the latest in educational methodology, we will be driving the use of information and communications technology to enhance the learning experience and improve efficiency in school management.

Collectively we strive to nurture aspirational, compassionate and educated leaders for a better world.

Simon Boddy
Chief Operating Officer